aked screenshots hint at Material Design makeover for Android ar app

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 11 Nov 2014

is pushing the ugly out of its Android ar app.

roid scored a leaked upcoming build of ’s Android ar app sporting a Material Design-inspired look along with some useful features. It’s gaining the ability to take a screenshot from your watch (finally!), view bug reports, or more quickly disconnect devices.

roid wear companion screenshot roid

Connecting to your Android ar watch will soon be more aesthetically pleasing.

The new version brings the white background, sharper colors, more refined buttons from llipop to an app that currently doesn’t look all that great. The leaked build seems cleaner easier to use, so hopefully we can get our hs on it soon.

Unfortunately there’s no A available, so you’ll have to wait for an update from the ay Store just like everybody else. roid says it’s keeping the A on lockdown since it requires ay Services version 6.5.75, which has yet to hit the wild.

y this matters: Android ar is an important part of Android’s reach beyond phones tablets. The Android ar app is the hub that connects your phone to your watch, so its important that it look good provide all the features one would expect from a top-tier app. It’s good to see giving it some attention, as it won’t be long before there’s a major competitor in the  Apple tch.