T-Mobile delays Nexus 6 launch a week as Sprint, AT&T prep for release

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 12 Nov 2014

At this point you’re probably ready to scream “st take my money!” if you want to buy a Nexus 6.

But after the phone’s agonizingly sporadic roll-out via ay, T-Mobile is the latest bearer of bad news, pushing back its Nexus 6 launch date to Nov. 19 to give “customers the best experience possible.”

This likely means the Magenta Network saw it didn’t have enough supply wants to avoid a bunch of angry customers flooding its stores support lines. It seems Motorola miscalculated dem somewhere, given that the Nexus 6 is still sold out on at its online store through ay.

Enthusiast site TmoNews says there were so few phones available that some stores wouldn’t even be able to put out a demo unit. As annoying as this launch delay is, it’s probably the best move to avoid disappointing a bunch of eager buyers.

The story behind the story: There’s some good news if you want to buy one through AT&T—a pre-order page is live with a ship date of Nov. 18. Sprint also says it’s planning to sell the Nexus 6 online in its retail stores Friday, but you probably should take the morning off get there before Sprint stores open if you’re hoping to snag the phone. If you want to get it unlocked through Motorola or , your only option is to keep checking their sites.