8 Weird Android Selfie Apps That Give You a Virtual Makeover

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 13 Nov 2014

Get ready for your close-up!!

Are you unhappy with yourself? Do you hate the way you look? Perhaps there’s something about you that you wish you could change. But can’t because it costs too much? If you’re stressing over how straight your teeth are, what color your hair is. Or whether you’re the perfect pretty little princess society suggests you should be. You can choose from many apps in the Play Store to quickly remedy your perceived flaws. Or at least fake them for your social media followers. Here’s just a tiny sampling of some of the best ones that digitally transform you into a different person. Do your makeup without touching your face with:-

YouCam Makeup 

It took me 15 years to figure out how to properly apply makeup. Maybe. I guess you’ll have to ask around. Sometimes you want to look better than you do, or perhaps you forgot to touch up your lipstick before taking a selfie. It would help if you didn’t suffer from your inherent ugliness. Not when there’s an app to help fix all of that. YouCam Makeup lets you choose from a variety of looks and makeup palettes. It’s like walking into Sephora and buying all the things. But not actually spending any money. And I’ve admittedly used this app once or twice to enhance my eyelashes.

YouCam Makeup (Free)

Get your nails (virtually) done with:-

        Virtual Nail Salon

I love getting my nails done; I love the massage, the cuticle creams. And the way I feel perfectly prepped and polished afterward. I appreciate the idea behind the Virtual Nail Salon. Which lets you try nail colors. Before you go through the work of Arting them up yourself. Or paying someone else to do it. I’m not sure the detailed work required to set up your nail shape in the app is worth the payoff. You’ll need a big screen and a lot of precision to get your nails lined up.

Virtual Nail Salon (Free)

Why don’t you smile, honey? with:-

           Perfect365 Makeup

It’s hard to feel perfect when society constantly pressures you to look perfect. You can fake it with Perfect365. Perfect365 allows you to Photoshop your face to eliminate any imperfections. Don’t like your eye shape? You can alter it with this app. Need to put on eye shadow this morning? You can digitally add a bit of color with just a few taps. Not smiling? That’ll make you smile. When you’re done, share it on the Internet. And continue to lie to everyone, yourself included, without accepting who you really are.

Perfect365 (Free)

    See what you look like as a blonde with:-

            Hair Color Studio

Now, Hair Color Studio actually isn’t bad. It lets you try on a hair color. Before you spend loads of money to have a professional do it. Like many other apps in the Play Store, it’s freemium. You can try three primary color groups blonde, brown, and red. Unless you pay to unlock other color groups.

Hair Color Studio(Free)

Braces aren’t that bad; see? With:-

                    Virtual Dentist

My mother is a dental hygienist; I can guarantee that she’d never suggest Virtual Dentist to any of her patients. If you’re freaking out about what you look like with braces, you can install the app to check it out. The app offers virtual gum bleaching that’s a thing? Whitening, and veneers, the latter of which are the hardest to set up.

Virtual Dentist (Free)

Ever wonder what you look like as a cartoon? With:-

             Photo Sketch

And now for something completely different: Cartoon Face. I don’t remember how I came upon this app, it’s kind of fun for trolling your pals online. After you take a selfie, the app applies a filter that turns you into a cartoon character. You pick a scene to place yourself into. My followers on Instagram loved the results. Anyway, I think they did.

Photo Sketch (Free)

Be magical! Or fake it. With:-


Have you ever wished you had a constant ethereal essence about you? You can fake it with BeautyPlus. The app lets you tack on pretty sparkly things all over your photos. There’s a variety of high-contrast, neon-hued filters to spruce up doe-eyed selfies. And cute stickers you can stick all over the place.

BeautyPlus (Free)

Be a bear; Or a raccoon. With:-

                    Beauty Face Plus

Ever wonder what you’d look like as an animal? Probably not, I bet now you’re curious. Beauty Face Plus, Face and eyes morph are weird. Totally weird. You can only pick animals to morph into with whom you share the same face structure. My face didn’t match too well with the lions or tigers, only with the raccoons. Well, let’s say that I now spend my nights digging through suburban trash bins. You wouldn’t believe the kind of things people throw away.

Beauty Face Plus (Free)