Enthusiasts, start your tweaking: Nexus 9 Nexus ayer factory images released

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 5 Nov 2014

’s factory images for the Nexus 9 Nexus ayer are just what you need if you find stock software boring. And good news! You can get factory images for both devices now from the Android developers site.

Factory images are a necessary tool if you somehow botch modifying your device need to go back to ’s stock software. They essentially let you wipe the slate clean start over from scratch. 

The devices themselves are available in the ay Store various online retailers. The Nexus 6 is supposed to go back on sale in the ay Store on dnesday, so we could be seeing the factory image for that soon. 

If you’re curious about llipop but don’t have the cash for a new gadgets, check out ‘s hy-dy tutorial on installing Android 5.0 on older Nexus devices.

y this matters: If you plan to root your device, the factory image is your safety net. It will restore your tablet, phone, or media puck back to its original state should things go haywire while installing a custom ROM. so, the release of factory images is one of the final steps before starts pushing out the newest version of Android to existing devices. So if you have a Nexus 4, 5, 7, or 10, hang tight try not to wear out your finger pressing that “check for updates” button. (It doesn’t speed things up, anyway).