Songza's curated song lists now available in Google Play Music

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Songza's human-crafted playlists are coming to your Google Play Music subscription.

If you subscribe to the company's All Access streaming service, you're now greeted with recommended playlists for working out, boosting your energy, trying to get work done, or other activities based on the time of day.

Google says on its Official Android Blog that the feature, already live on the web player, is coming soon to the Android and iOS apps. It's a direct import from Songza, which Google purchased earlier this year. Unlike the radio feature that is powered by an algorithm, the playlists are crafted by so-called "music experts."

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Choose a playlist that's suited for what you're up to that day.

When selecting a category, you get a group of different playlists to choose from. For example, "Having Fun at Work" leads you to Dancing at your Desk, Feeling like the Boss, or Headphones Only: Guilty Pleasures.

The impact on you: If you're a Google Play Music All Access subscriber, this is one more perk for sticking with the service. It's also another benchmark feature Google can use to try and woo new converts from competing services like Spotify, Beats, and Rdio. It also makes the future of Songza a bit murky, with its standout feature now offered on Google's own service.

The future of music is firmly in streaming, with Apple rumored to drive prices down with its newly-acquired Beats service. It may not be long before everyone is forking over a monthly fee to catch the latest tunes.

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