o gets Android llipop: The hints, the rumors, the sure things

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 16 Oct 2014

Android 5.0 llipop is here. Unless you’re pre-ordering the new Nexus 6 phone or Nexus 9 tablet that will have it, however, you want to know when the new mobile OS will hit the phone you already own.

Only a few major vendors released specific llipop upgrade information, though. Even a major like Samsung simply hinted at future support. One thing they all should know: Android owners want their tasty treat,  they want it now. The smart vendors will solidify their plans sooner rather than later. 

y this matters: th llipop, is trying once again to break through the fragmentation ceiling. Android 5.0 is designed to run on a wide range of hardware, so manufacturers have the capability to put it on the majority of their devices. If can put llipop on its $100 Android One phones, then all the flagships should be able to do the same— that would be a real win for Android owners the ecosystem as a whole.

Nexus owners are golden

Not surprisingly, Nexus owners will get the goods first. says the Nexus 4, 7 (both the 2012 2013 model), 5, 10 will be getting llipop “in the coming weeks.” The Nexus 4 was left off the original announcement, but design head Matias Duarte later confirmed the company goofed wouldn’t be ditching its older model.

says in the same blog post that ay edition devices are also on the llipop list. It did not mention specifics, but we hope that means both current recent models.

The ay Store still sells HTC One M8 Moto G. It previously offered the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One M7, Sony Z Ultra G d 8.3.

Motorola gets llipop love

Motorola, which is making the Nexus 6 for , was quick to announce dnesday its good news: llipop will be available to all its own recent mainstay devices. The first second-generation Moto X Moto G are on the list, along with the Moto G E, Moto E, Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx, Droid Mini. 

Samsung: A hint, but no specifics

Samsung tends to lag when it comes to pushing out Android updates. There’s hope this time around, as we spotted a video of llipop already running on a Galaxy S5. As for the rest, we have to watch wait. 

: llipop for all is likely

, which is making the Nexus 5 for , hasn’t announced anything for its own product line. has been making it a point of delivering a consistent look feel to its high-end budget phones, so it’s likely that most of what it’s churned out lately will be blessed with llipop. The safe money is on the  G3 G2 o, quite possibly the G2 original G o. 

HTC: It’ll need llipop to compete

HTC is another company with a relatively good track record, recently pledging that its One (M8) M7 would be getting llipop within 90 days of the operating system’s official release. It’s a little more vague on other devices, saying they’ll get an update “shortly thereafter.” But HTC has a lot on the line. Its phone quality is improving, but it still needs to win over the hearts minds of consumers. If anyone needs to bust out the lollipops, it’s HTC.

Sony: It could use it

No firm announcements from Sony, but the company is getting more U.S. carriers to sell its phones. Sony makes excellent hardware, so putting llipop on its lineup would help it st out in a good way in a market it’s eager to crack.