Galaxy Note 3 outlasts iPhone 6 Plus in bend test

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Will it bend?

For anyone who's wondered that about their smartphone (before actually trying it, we hope), a YouTube series has the answer. 

As the #bendgate noise continues, Unbox Therapy host Lewis Hilsenteger put the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4 through a pressure test. You'll likely cringe a little while watching him apply full force to bend the leading phablets. 

The results of this highly unscientific effort show the Galaxy Note 3 to be the more robust device. It withstood a rather lengthy bending session before warping a little in the middle.


Alas, the iPhone 6 Plus didn't fare so well. Clad in anodized aluminum, the slender, 7.1-mm thin, seamless device bent permanenty on Hilsenteger's first try. 

Hilsenteger also realized that trying to pull the iPhone 6 Plus back to the original shape was a poor idea: The polished-glass screen cracked. Not that you couldn't see that coming.

It's difficult to make a definitive conclusion based on a comedic web series, but it does appear the Galaxy Note 3 may be able to withstand rougher treatment because of its plastic build. 


The Note 4 is due soon. It offers a similar build and may be the right phablet for anyone worried about sitting on their phone. There are even reports that Samsung is moving up the release date, given how quickly the iPhone 6 Plus is selling.

Sadly, damaging expensive devices is not a new Internet trend, as the once-popular "Will it blend?" series recorded the iPhone and other electronics being tossed into a blender. 

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