ay Services update adds new Fit testing, Drive A

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 17 Sep 2014

ay Services 6.1 is heading out the door, bringing new Fit platform tools other developer goodies.

The update should hit your device in the next few days— releases these updates on a rolling schedule. ay Services isn’t really something for end users as much as it is for developers; it provides frameworks application programming interfaces (As) that developers use to make Android apps. The new version includes As for Drive, empowering developers to improve server response times with apps that connect to the storage service. There’s also an update to the Fit developer preview, so those making apps for the upcoming service can test out their wares before launch.

E-commerce also gets attention, as the Android Developers site says the update has “richer insights into pre-purchase shopping behavior into product performance.”

esumably this will give shopping apps better capabilities at tracking what you browse instead of solely relying on your purchase history for finding ways to sell you stuff.

The Fit update enables testing of any fitness apps in the works for the health platform, which will go live with the launch of Android this fall.

ay Services is an important tool in the company’s efforts to curb fragmentation, as it allows to update core features push out developers tools without going through the laborious process of updating Android.

ay Services will update automatically in the next few days, or you can grab the A. However, any improvements are unlikely to be felt on your end for a while as developers must implement the new features into their existing apps.