Report: ‘s Android Silver program has been put on hold

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 16 Sep 2014

According to a report by The Information, has hit the pause button on its Android Silver program. Citing “people familiar with its status,” it claims that was having a hard time getting enough buy-in from phone makers carriers, along with internal doubts about whether the program would work.

The Android Silver concept was a little confusing, to say the least. The plan was for to work with manufacturers like , HTC, Motorola, Samsung to build premium Android phones that it would then market under the Android Silver br in carrier big-box retail stores. Depending on who you ask, the phones would run stock Android (or something close to it), be updated directly by . The whole point was to create a premium high-end br buying experience around the best Android phones that would help the company compete against Apple in the high-price, high-margin premium retail smartphone space.

It was even rumored to be an eventual replacement for -designed Nexus phones, though that idea was quickly refuted.

According to The Information’s sources, has decided to put more effort behind its Android One program; the yin to Android Silver’s yang. Android One is meant to produce very inexpensive (about $100) phones that run the latest version of Android are updated directly by . The program just rolled out in India; it’s a ploy to get the next billion non-smartphone users in emerging markets to jump on with Android.

The loss or delay of the Android Silver program may not be a big deal. ile Apple is expected to be very successful with the ione 6 6 us, the overall market share of Android devices continues to grow year by year. In well-established markets, high-end Android phones are still doing quite well.