ra for Android gets a flatter, cleaner looking interface

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 16 Sep 2014

Some Android apps never get the Android-y interface they deserve. Their design either matches some other platform’s design stards, or looks like it’s been thrown together in a hurry. ra for Android had that reputation for some time, but its latest update brings the interface refresh that Android users deserve.

pora screens

The new ra app features a fresh new look.

ile it’s not quite Material Design, the new ra app sports a flatter interface a transparent navigation bar, which is still split into four main categories: Stations, Feed, ofile, Settings, with an extra More button up top. Overall, the interface looks much cleaner than it did before. 

pora settings

The Settings are cleaner still feature some of the features you loved before, like the built-in arm clock to wake up to your favorite station.

ra’s design overhaul is also an indicator that many app makers have had to reconsider the way their applications look so that they match up with ’s new design philosophy. It’s exactly the kind of boost Android needs to exp its reach we can’t wait to see how other developers follow suit.

The ra app is rolling out to Android phones everywhere. If you just can’t wait, grab it yourself from the ay Store.