Report: HTC’s building a Goo-like camera that sends pics straight to your phone

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 12 Sep 2014

HTC is looking to extend its hardware prowess to the world of cameras. The company is building a waterproof, tube-shaped camera that’s built for extreme sports would connect directly to Android iOS devices, according to a Bloomberg report.

HTC’s device—if Bloomberg’s claims are accurate—would challenge market leader Goo, reportedly packing a 16-megapixel camera Bluetooth fi connectivity. Here’s the concept: Unlike traditional cameras that require you to swap their SD card into your computer, HTC’s would connect wirelessly to your Android device or ione, so that your photos appear instantly on your phone can be edited or shared from there. Or—in the hopes of smartphone makers—saved in either iCloud or + otos.

HTC is forecasting its 12th straight quarter of falling sales, so the company is on the lookout for new ways to make some cash. It has recently started cranking out more mid-range phones so it doesn’t have to rely solely on its flagship One to drive sales. 

There are also on-again, off-again rumors about whether HTC is building a smartwatch. The most recent report is that the plans are back on, which could be a wise choice given the mainstream public is just starting to catch on to the concept with the announcement of the Apple tch.

According to Bloomberg, HTC sent out invitations to a press event on Oct. 8, with a headline reading, “double exposure.” Assuming that HTC doesn’t plan to show off an adult film, that seems to suggest the event will include the formal announcement of this rumored camera.