Sony reveals Smarttch 3 SmartB Talk, two very different smartwatches

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 3 Sep 2014

Sony is exping its Smarttch line with a pair of wearables that serve very different purposes. The Smarttch 3 is a successor to the Smarttch 2, but Sony has ditched its own watch software in favor of Android ar. Fitness fans, meanwhile, may prefer the SmartB Talk, which doesn’t run Android ar, but can make phone calls features an e-paper display for long battery life.

Smarttch 3: A typical Android ar watch

The Smarttch 3 sounds, dare I say it, rather plain as Android ar watches go. It has a 1.2GHz processor paired with 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage, a 420 mAh battery, a 1.6-inch, 320×320 display. It’s I8 rated for water dust resistance, charges with a stard microB cable.

The most interesting thing about it—besides the fact that Sony is supporting Android ar instead of pushing its own proprietary watch technology—is that the display is a “Trasnflective TFT” D. This should really help visibility in bright sunlight. The Smarttch 3 will cost 230 euros when it goes on sale this fall.

SmartB Talk: For the outdoorsy type

More intriguing is what Sony has done with the Smartb Talk. Much like Smasung’s Gear Fit, the Sony’s b features a small curved module with a curved screen that fits into a fitness b. But unlike the Gear Fit, Sony has opted for an e-paper display, which will make it perfectly visible in bright sunlight.

The e-paper screen should also help make the b energy-efficient, it’ll need it: th only a 70 mAh battery, Sony says the SmartB Talk can run for about 3 days. It features an accelerometer altimeter to track your motion, is meant to be used with the felog app to measure your daily activity.

In a neat twist, you can actually use it to make phone calls when connected to a phone via Bluetooth. You’ll want to keep the call short, though. th that small battery, talk time is limited to only one hour. The SmartB Talk will also go on sale this fall for 160 euros.