HTC building keyboard case for new Nexus tablet

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 2 Sep 2014

l indications are that is going high-end with its forthcoming Nexus tablet, partnering with HTC on a nine-inch device. 

Accessories are now beginning to leak out, with Android lice detailing a snap-on keyboard cover as part of a possible range of official Nexus accessories

Renderings indicate the tablet, which may be code-named Volantis or Flounder depending on which rumors you believe, could have a 4:3 aspect ratio. This is would make it better suited for productivity tasks than the 16:9 Nexus 7, which lends itself to video watching.

nexus tablet keyboard rendering Android lice

‘s next Nexus tablet may pair with an oficial Bluetooth-powered keyboard case.

The site’s renderings are by no means a final product, but point to some kind of smart cover that would attach magnetically to the tablet awaken the device when opened. The keyboard is said to connect to the tablet via Bluetooth 4.0 have its own 450 mAh battery. 

currently sells some accessories for its Nexus devices Chromebooks through the ay Store, though nothing as dramatically engineered as what appears in this leak. 

If is building a higher-end tablet more robust accessories, it is a sign the company is pushing harder against the id. ile previous Nexus tablets have won over users for their stock experience approachable price tag, the next iteration may look to give developers more sophisticated devices for which to build applications.