‘s bringing the G3’s interface apps to lower-cost devices

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 19 Aug 2014

In a bid to establish a uniform experience across its product line, is bringing the refreshingly minimalist interface of the flagship G3 to its mid- budget-range devices. 

ile the company did not give a timeframe, it did announce that “most” of the company’s smartphones tablets launched in the second half of this year would get the UI.

ong with the look feel, will stardize some of its custom applications features, such as its Touch Shoot camera, which enables tapping holding to focus trigger the shutter.

Devices will also get the Smart Keyboard, which says reduces typing errors by 75 percent through tracking learning user writing behavior. ile Android has plenty of keyboard alternatives like SwiftKey Swype, the option would appeal to those who want to stick with the company’s design scheme or are uninterested in toying around with different keyboards.

Typically Android custom interfaces are a nuisance, adding unnecessary applications that can’t be disabled confusing design choices. The most notorious of this is Samsung’s Touchz, which runs atop Android on its Galaxy phones is a dramatic break from Android’s design direction in KitKat.

‘s interface, however, won praise from in her review of the G3. She referenced it as a “a welcome refresh” when compared to the often ugly bloated lscape of custom Android skins.

The interface also maintains some of stock Android’s essential elements, such as the ability to swipe up to launch Now or say “OK ” from the Home screen.

This move may benefit customers who own other devices, as it will reduce the learning curve for someone who either upgrades from a mid-range phone to a G3 or for family members who inherit an older device. The drastic fragmentation of interface schemes across Android has meant a high learning curve for those who switch from one device to another, so anything that helps reduce this issue is welcome news.