Play Store Showcases App Download Numbers With Badges

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 12 Aug 2014

In 2014, a new update made its way to the Play Store in the form of new app download badges. The new badges are prominently displayed on an app’s handling page, showing how many times an app has been downloaded. The color-coded badges take the place of the minuscule plain text that previously showed an app’s download number. Coming in grey, blue, green, and red/orange, the new badges would be found next to an app’s star rating.

The new badge system really adds nothing in terms of functionality. Besides more prominently displaying a number that was already there. The badges are more eye-catching, which could more easily sway you to download a popular app. If your phone runs version 4.9.13 of the Play Store. Expect to see the small change appear on the app pages. Since this article was published, Play Store has evolved over the years, as this is now the year 2022. Therefore, the app badges have been replaced with the now seen Number of reviews, Number of downloads, and Age rating.