YouTube update brings seriously small changes to playlists

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 6 Aug 2014

YouTube is rolling out an updated to version, bringing with it a few changes for playlist management. ile the changes in the latest version are on the subtle side, they bring a slightly cleaner experience.

First up, when searching for a playlist, an action overflow button will appear next to each result. Tapping the button allows you to quickly save the playlist for later without viewing it or sharing it. Of course, these features were available in previous versions of the YouTube app, but now it’s just easier to get to them. 

Search result action overflow

YouTube now adds an action overflow button (left) to search results so you can quickly save videos playlists for later or share them.

Once inside a playlist’s ling page, you’ll find one small difference in the latest version. Instead of a ‘thumbs up’ button to like a playlist, you’ll find a “+” option to add that video to your playlist. 

youtube roid playlist changes

The new version of YouTube (top) changes now includes a ‘+’ button instead of the like button in the previous version (below)

en swiping from the left of the app to reveal the navigation drawer, the playlists section now shows View l instead of Show More. Instead of listing the rest of your playlists inside of the navigation drawer, version opens the playlists section of the app. 


Instead of staying within the navigation drawer, YouTube now brings you to the playlist page of the app when tapping on View l.