Humble Mobile Bundle 6 is totally worth the low, low price of whatever you want to pay

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 5 Aug 2014

You like cheap games, right? I would certainly hope so. Humble Bundle has some particularly fun games up for grabs in Humble Mobile Bundle 6, you can pay whatever you want to own Eliss Infinity, Duet emium (its debut on Android!), Combo Crew Special ition. And if you pay more than the average price (a mere $4.17 at this time), you’ll also unlock Threes!, Mines of Mars, e Dever’s ne lf: Full Game

The Humble Bundle also comes with the soundtracks for all six games, but again, you’ll only unlock the last three if you pay more than the average. Every purchase is split between the Humble Bundle team, the developers of the games, a charity of your choice.

This Humble Mobile Bundle runs through mid-day August 19. You can wait a few more days to see what other games are added, or buy it now to take advantage of the low price. Be sure to download the Humble Bundle Android app to make it easy to load these games onto your Android device.