Google’s Play Store refund policy appears to have been extended to two hours


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Google’s 15-minute app refund policy is already rather generous compared to the other app stores out there, but it’s a relatively short window compared to the full day it used to offer back in Android’s early days.

However, there’s some speculation that the company might be letting up on that particular policy and extending it to two hours. Yesterday, Android Police published anecdotal evidence that showed Google offering refunds on apps purchased in the Play Store for up to two hours after purchase. “Instead of disappearing after 15 minutes…the refund window stayed open a solid 2 hours,” wrote David Ruddock. “After two hours, it reliably closed.”

Out of curiosity, I tried it out myself. I bought this icon pack at 10:02 AM PST, then left the Play Store page open on my Android device. Over the course of two hours, I refreshed the page to see if Google would offer to refund my purchase after 15 minutes. When I checked it at about 12:25 PM PST, I was no longer allowed to refund my purchase, so now I’m stuck with this icon pack.


I purchased this icon pack at 10:02 AM PST.

Google Play Store App Purchased

After 12:02 PM, I was no longer allowed to refund the app.

So, why should you care about Google’s refund policy? Well, when every dollar counts, the last thing you want to do is purchase an app that crashes all the time, or doesn’t really fit a purpose in your life. In the case of the icon pack I purchased earlier, it's very possible I will hate looking at it hours from now, and it'll be a waste of the $1.49 I spent on it. Not everyone wants to throw away dollars and cents on apps they have no need for.

There's been no official word out of Google's camp on whether or not this is truly its new refund policy. We reached out to Google for a comment and will update accordingly. 

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