Report: Android finally surpasses iOS in web traffic

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 5 Aug 2014

Android’s dominant market share is paying off in another area: mobile web traffic.

According to a report from Net etshare, mobile devices powered by Android accounted for a larger share of browser usage than iones ids in ly. The analytics company tracks usage data for operating systems, browsers, search engines, other technologies. 

roid web usage

ly web data traffic shows Android phones tablets with a small lead over those powered by iOS.

The edge was less than half a percentage point: iOS web usage in ly was 44.19 percent while Android devices reported 44.62 percent. This marks the first time ‘s mobile OS has surpassed Apple’s in total worldwide mobile web usage, but it’s only one report from one company.

However, the data was nearly a full percentage point jump from ne, when Android accounted for 43.75 percent of Internet traffic.

The gain for Android was higher when the data was compared with the numbers from the beginning of the year, with such phones tablets accounting for only 39 percent of traffic.