Rejoice! Android will probably have multi-user support for phones

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 6 Aug 2014

Multi-user support is incredibly useful for big families (or people with things to hide), but it’s currently only available on Android tablets running lly Bean or later. ones remain a single-user experience, unless your manufacturer has pre-installed custom software.

That might soon change with the next Android release, according a recent discovery in the Android issue tracking forums. There’s evidence that suggests multi-user support will be a native feature in Android thus finally making it available to all phones. It’s not too farfetched of an idea, either, since previously hinted that the ability is coming to all Android-powered devices.

Multi-user profiles allow more than one user to have access to their own personalize Home screen of apps. It’s great for families who share a device, or those who use their devices for work, as it ensures that sensitive data stays private from curious eyes. 

If you’ve got an Android tablet had no idea multi-user profiles were an available feature, here’s how to get started.