Samsung Galaxy pha is a shinier, metallic version of its other flagship smartphones

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 24 Jul 2014

Samsung may turn to metal builds for future iterations of its flagship devices. At least, that’s what leaks of the the high-end Galaxy pha seem to suggest, which will be a shinier, prettier version of its polymer counterparts. 

SamMobile reports that the Galaxy pha will have a metallic chassis a 4.8-inch display, but that its resolution will be limited to 720p (cue the sad trombone). It will also sport the same faux leather backing that’s become stard on its current generation of devices, like the Galaxy S5 Galaxy Note 3.

galaxy alpha 4 leak SamMobile

The leaked photos of the pha make it look similar to the Tizen-powered Samsung Z we peeped at earlier this summer during the Tizen Developers Conference.

galaxy alpha 7leak SamMobile

st like the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy pha will have a fingerprint scanner embedded into its Home button. It will also be limited to 32GB of internal storage, however, since it won’t have an expansion slot. Vietnamese site Tinh te also reports that there will be an E-A version.

ile there seems to be plenty of speculation about what the Galaxy pha will look like, there’s not much that hints to what is powering the phone on the inside. Up until recently, the Galaxy pha was referred to as the Galaxy S5 ime, but these initial specifications seem to suggest that the only premium part about it is its metal build. Some rumors also suggest that the Galaxy pha will be a limited release as Samsung is considering metal construction for its future device launches.