Firefox Beta for Android offers new home screen customization

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 25 Jul 2014

Firefox Beta for Android is making it easier to customize its launch screen quickly access favorite web sites.

Mozilla announced Friday that with its latest release users can tweak the grid of most-visited sites that appear when opening the browser. Users can pin sites they find or tweak the panel of pages Firefox creates based on browsing history. You can grab the Firefox Beta on ay.

It also offers other features that differentiate it from Chrome. For example, if you are trying to branch out from search, Firefox will automatically search Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Twitter, kipedia ( of course ) simultaneously from the address bar.

Firefox also includes a series of Home nels that users can add to the browser. These are web apps from popular services like cket, Instagram, or Vimeo.

firefox beta screenshot

Firefox beta offers many different choices for staying connected to favorite sites, such as subscribing to a page’s feed or pinning it to the browser’s home screen.

so, if you tire of Internet ads try out the Reading st feature. Much like Safari’s feature of the same name on iOS Mac, the browser can save articles for later that are stripped of advertisements other graphics. Given that ’s revenue stream is based almost entirely on web-based advertisements, this is a feature that will probably never appear in Chrome.

For more specific details about the Firefox Beta, the official changelog lists the following updates.


  • In-browser switching for 54 supported languages
  • Clear History control added to the history panel
  • Support URI autocomplete on Swype

at changed:

  • Removed turned off trust bit for some 1024-bit root certificates
  • Android 2.2 ARMv6 no longer supported


  • Vibration A updated to latest C spec


  • CSS position:sticky enabled by default
  • Mix-blend-mode enabled by default

Known Issues

  • Does not start on Android preview