Knock Code security feature starts rolling out to Sprint G2 phones

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 21 Jul 2014

Sprint G2 owners who have been waiting for the company’s Knock Code security feature should finally start seeing it today.

’s Knock Code awakens the device with a customized pattern of “knocks” or taps on the screen. Some find it a faster method for unlocking a phone in comparison to fumbling for a power button or typing in a passcode.

ile the Knock Code comes preinstalled on ‘s latest flagship device, the G3, it has been slowly rolling out to the variants of the previous-generation G2. An update brought the Knock Code to T-Mobile earlier this month the AT&T version in ne. Verizon pushed out the update in April.

According to , the Knock Code creates 86,367 different possible combinations. Users can create a pattern of anywhere from two to eight points on the screen.

ile the update is beginning its rollout today, it may take a day or two before it hits your device. Be on the lookout for an update dubbed “ZVD.”