Murtastic review: Quickly whip up live wallpapers


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Live wallpapers have been around Android for years, dating back to Android Eclair (2.0) and the Nexus One. Murtastic offers a straightforward way to create your own. The result is a home screen with text that types itself and rotating images in the background.

You have two options to get started: either use the wallpaper tool to create one from stock images, or import a photo from your own gallery.


Get started with Murtastic’s builder.

Importing an image is easy and makes your home screen more personal than the stock backgrounds. After choosing a picture you can add text to run on top of it. Adding text may seem odd, but it helps liven up the screen as the words type themselves out on your wallpaper, giving it a sense of activity.


Scale an image so it is to your liking.

To get more out of Murtastic, add a second page to the wallpaper. The second page can be of the same photo with different text, or something else entirely.

When added to your screen, the pages will fade in and out, giving your wallpaper some life.


Leave a clever message on your home screen.

While the general concept and usability of Murtastic is solid, there are a couple annoyances. When switching from one menu to another, a full-page advertisement appears. While it can be dismissed with one touch, it frequently interrupts the flow of navigating through the app.


Murtastic is ad-supported, and they pop up just a bit too often.

Murtastic has a section in the app devoted to forthcoming features: more font choices and a “better user experience” are listed. Both would be welcome improvements, along with an option to get rid of the all-too-frequent ads.

While Murtastic may be a bit simple for power users, it is a good first foray in adding some liveliness to your home screen.


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