Cut the Rope Review: Challenging zzles Adorable Monsters

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 30 Sep 2011

Chillingo’s Cut the Rope has all the marks of a winning mobile app–it’s a physics-based puzzler with simple, intuitive controls, it stars an adorable lead character. This cutesy puzzler premiered on iOS, but it has finally made its way to Android.

Your goal in Cut the Rope seems pretty simple: You have to get the cy to Om Nom, a charming frog-like creature. Of course, actually getting the cy to Om Nom isn’t quite as easy as it sounds, you’ll have to brave bubbles, electricity, various other obstacles before Om Nom gets his treat. ong the way, you’ll want to pick up stars (three appear in each level) to increase your star count open new levels.

aying the game is as easy as sliding your finger across the screen to “cut the rope.” The cy starts in one corner of the screen, attached to the rope. Om Nom starts in another corner, looking rather hungry. Your goal is to drop, swing, float, otherwise move the cy over to Om Nom’s mouth so that he can munch on it.

Each set of levels introduces new obstacles–you’ll come across spikes, spiders, magic hats, among other things– each obstacle affects the cy in a different way. For example, spikes will break the cy, while magic hats will transport it to another part of the screen. ckily, the game offers detailed instructions on how each obstacle will affect you.

Cut the Rope is challenging, fun, filled with content. However, there is one caveat: The game is somewhat resource-heavy, it crashes more than it should. For that reason I’ve docked it half a star, but otherwise it’s an excellent game for only $1.