Fit platform will make all your fitness apps devices play together

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 25 Jun 2014

The problem with all this smart fitness stuff is that the data always lives in individual silos. RunKeeper has your running data, Nike Fuel has other motion data, your weightlifting stats are stuck in Fitocracy, your weight is tracked by things…. will attempt to make them all play together nicely with Fit.

st announced at I/O, with an SDK to come in a few weeks a public rollout later this year, Fit will provide a set of common As that will allow apps to provide their data to other fitness apps.

As an example, showed a fitness app from Noom (a company that makes a number of individual fitness apps for weight loss, step counting, carido training). It provided an integrated view of meals logged, steps taken, even weight data from a things scale. The point is this: th your explicit permission, your fitness apps can share data with each other, giving you a more complete view of your health activity.

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Apps that integrate with Fit can share data with each other.

If plans to have its own Fit app, it didn’t mention it. There are lots of partners on board, though. The current list includes Nike, Adidas, Asus, HTC, Intel, , things, Mio, Motorola, Noom, Runtastic, RunKeeper, lar, Basis.