Android One brings low-end phones to emerging markets

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 25 Jun 2014

It’s called Android One, it’s a new initiative for to bring a Nexus-like experience to smartphones for emerging markets. Introduced by Sundar chai at I/O during dnesday morning’s keynote, the company has a hful of partners already in tow, featuring phones at very affordable prices.

The first smartphone showcased from the Android One program is made by MicroMax, bringing with it Dual-SIM card slots, a 4.5-inch display, SD card slot, FM radio. Best of all, this particular smartphone will run less than $100. 


These low-cost Android phones will bring well-made devices to emerging markets.

Initially launching in India, the initiative has partnered with MicroMax, Sprice, Karbonn for the first devices. chai added that is working with the carriers to make affordable connectivity packages. 

Android One may have been inspired by recent efforts of Motorola’s Moto G for emerging markets, but chai called it an effort to reach “the next billion people”—past the one billion Android users already online worldwide. Apple’s ione 5c ndows one’s Asian partners are all pursuing the same large, but very price-sensitive user base.