Bored driving alone? Google's rumored car software might soon be your passenger

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Google wants to get into your car—specifically, make it easier for its Android smartphones to hook into new cars.

Automotive News reports that as part of the Open Automotive Alliance, Google will be teaming up with automakers like Audi, Mercedes, Hyundai, GM, and Honda to put its software in its cars by the end of the year. Apparently, Google’s Android-based car software will be called Auto Link, though it’s not entirely clear whether it will actually launch under that name.

Auto Link won’t be an embedded system, like Microsoft's SYNC or BlackBerry’s QNX. Instead, it’ll be a “projected” system that helps drivers interact safely with their existing Android smartphone using the car’s screen and controls. It’s similar to Apple’s own CarPlay interface, which is launching in cars and a few aftermarket systems starting this summer. 

Google’s own proprietary in-car technology would ensure that Android users can spend their hours in traffic engaging safely with their phones, rather than avoiding them. But all this new in-car technology is making my car’s dashboard system—merely a 30-pin iPod hookup—seem antiquated. It’s too bad we can’t switch out cars like we do smartphones.

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