Android ar-powered G tch could be cheaper than you’d think

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 11 Jun 2014

‘s Android ar OS for wearables is poised to change everything we know about smartwatches, there’s a good chance that it will be a big focus at I/O 2014 later this month. Motorola have already announced smartwatches running Android ar, but the G tch could be the dark horse that’s priced most competitively. 

According to the folks at MoDaCo, the G tch will officially launch on ly 7 in the UK, come in at a price lower than the £169.99 Galaxy Gear Neo. MoDaCo didn’t cite its sources, but if this turns out to be true, it will be interesting to see the G tch’s impact on smartwatch market pricing—especially in the U.S.

The Gear Neo costs just $200 in the States, so if the G tch is priced lower than the Neo in all world markets, then we may see an Android ar devices that’s just too cheap to pass up. Indeed, if the  G tch can undercut the competition by a decent margin, it could sway consumers eyeing the Moto 360, put extra pressure on Samsung smartwatches—which don’t even run Android ar. 

Hopefully I/O will shed more light on official pricing availability for the upcoming smartwatches.