shows off Android ar integration for Nest, Calendar, more

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 29 May 2014

The world is still eagerly anticipating the debut of Android ar devices such as the Moto 360 ‘s G tch. But for now we’ll have to satisfy our curiosity with + posts discussing the upcoming wearables platform.


cket Casts on Android ar.

te dnesday, developer advocate othy posted some sparse information images about Android ar notifications.

highlighted what notifications from several apps currently look like on Android ar, including Nest, Calendar, cket Casts, games. l of the notifications were examples had come across using an Android ar device.


A Calendar notification on Android ar.

Each notification was pretty basic similar to what we’ve seen before.The alerts feature a card showing a few lines of information plus the app’s icon in the upper right area of the notification card.

In the case of cket Casts—the best podcast app on Android, if you ask me—the app icon was replaced by a background image similar to what you see on your Android phone’s lock screen when cket Casts is running.

The Nest notification was particularly interesting as smart home products are finally starting to become the next great frontier for technology companies. “Emergency: There’s smoke—Office,” one Nest notice said.


ere there’s smoke there’s incense.

says he got the notification after lighting some incense a little too close to the smoke alarm in his office.

To take full advantage of the Android ar platform developers will have to add some extra code to their existing apps. But said that most apps that have notifications already enabled should work out-of-the-box with an Android ar smartwatch.

Add a few extra lines of code, however, developers can stack multiple notifications, add extra cards to a notification that you access by swiping to the side, voice replies to notifications.

The first Android ar devices are expected to debut this summer.