Put Contact info on Your Lock Screen Incase You Lose Your Phone

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 28 May 2014

In our tech-driven world, our phones are practically a second appendage. It’s hard to imagine that you’d forget it somewhere. Unfortunately, we’re only humans, and this sort of thing happens daily. Luckily, there are ways for us to track down our tech toys, but what about the person who finds them?


Good Samaritans Do Exist

While there’s no way to always expect that someone who finds your lost phone will return it to you. It’s easy enough to put your information on the lock screen of your Android phone or tablet. So that the finder can get hold of you. If they’re good people, we hope they are. This precaution is elementary, to do. Go to your Settings menu and tap on the Security option. Tap on Owner info.

lost 1

It will present you with the screen you see below. Check the box next to Show owner info on the lock screen. Now you can type in the information you’d like displayed. You may make the message relatively long, but after a number of characters, the message is cut off and side-scroll across the screen. Press the back button, and you’re good to go!

lost 2

One of the easiest and safest pieces of information to put on your lock screen may be your email address. If you’re missing your phone already, means you can’t be contacted with your phone number. You may not want to give out your home phone or someone else’s number. Your email address on your lock screen is a good option, since you can check your email, almost anywhere with an internet connection. Placing your information on the lock screen isn’t a surefire way to get your phone returned. To you in case it’s lost. But it’s tough for someone to return if you don’t have this information. There’s no reason to make someone work at doing the right thing, in this case take this quick precaution today.