Getting started with the six Android channels for IFTTT

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 20 May 2014

IFTTT was released for Android last last month, bringing with it 6 new dedicated channels for the OS.

As simple as it is, IFTTT is also incredibly powerful, which is why it seems to be much harder than it really is. Still

Unseasoned IFTTT users may have a little work cut out for them when it comes to getting to know the service, I’ll be laying out the details for the new Android channels you can take advantage of. 

The new IFTTT Android channels are SMS, otos, Device, cation, Notifications, one calls, allowing you to do some pretty cool things. 

SMS Channel

The SMS can be both a trigger (If this) or an action (Then that), as shown above. Here are two examples.

Send all of your text messages to email or cloud storage. (SMS is the Trigger)

If you call 911, text your significant other saying you did so. (SMS is the Action)

one Channel