Samsung launches new Bron app exclusively for Galaxy users

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 1 May 2014

In a continued partnership with basketball superstar Bron , Samsung launched a new sports app exclusive to Android users with Samsung Galaxy devices on Thursday. Dubbed simply “Bron,” the app functions like a catch-all social media feed (but just from Bron ) with photos, videos, other content organized into different sections.

lebron wallpaper

Dynamic wallpaper makes it look like Bron is making a slam dunk.

“This app gives fans a unique glimpse into Bron’s life both on off the court,” said Todd, Samsung Solutions America’s product development manager for sports, during a chat with . “Bron is pretty quiet on social media during the playoff season, but fans can follow his journey through content shared exclusively in this dedicated app.”

The Bron app has a combination of content created directly by Bron his team, content pulled from the NBA Game e app for Android. sts are split into four browse-worthy sections: Athlete, NBA ayoffs, Style, urney. The Athlete section focuses solely on Bron, with posts featuring his personal game highlights, photos videos of his training, other tidbits about his daily routine as an athlete. NBA ayoffs showcases Bron’s summary of this season’s stats live scores from the Miami Heat’s playoff games.

lebron athlete content

Keep up with player stats postgame coverage. 

ile that’s to be expected from a sports-centric experience, fans might be more interested in Bron’s Style urney sections, which take a deeper dive into his off-court life. Bron shares style snaps of some of his non-uniform looks in the Style section, where fans can also listen to a playlist of some of Bron’s favorite jams. The urney section highlights some of Bron’s charitable work through his foundation the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, as well as photos of him hanging out at home with his family.

Besides the posted content, the Bron app features a downloadable interactive wallpaper for your phone, with an image of Bron making a slam dunk that actually moves as you slide from panel to panel on your Galaxy device. It also has an optional lock-screen feature that changes depending on the Heat’s status: It shows a pre-game countdown; live scoring info during a game, a recap afterwards.

Though I’m not the biggest NBA fan, there’s no denying the app looks stellar. Navigating through the app’s four post categories is smooth, tapping on individual posts launches a full-screen version for better viewing. According to Todd, the app is updated with new posts from Bron’s camp daily will live past the 2014 NBA season, but might not be updated as frequently after the season dies down.

Sure, you’re not going to want this app unless you follow Bron ’ career or support or the Miami Heat. However, the Bron app is a solid NBA companion for any basketball fan—especially now that we’re in the thick of the NBA ayoffs— is worth checking out.

Bron is now available on the ay store for the Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note II.