Galaxy S5 Crystal Collection classes up your phone with friggin’ Swarovski crystals

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 24 Apr 2014

? phones are for plebians. I mean, anyone can buy a gold phone these days. They often don’t even cost more than regular-colored phones. If you really want to show you’re not one of the dirty common rabble, you need a phone totally friggin’ covered in Swarovski crystals. 

You know. ‘Cause you got class.

The Galaxy S5 variant was teased in a short video on Samsung Korea’s YouTube page. Important details like price were not revealed, we don’t yet know if it will be produced in limited quantities (probably) or available in North America (probably not). Samsung did the same thing with the Galaxy S4 late last year, but that design was downright understated by comparison.

But hey, if you just have to have a crystal-encrusted Galaxy S5 to show how much friggin’ class you have, I’m sure you can find a way to import it, Mr. Trump.