Gmail update lets you easily attach + photos

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 15 Apr 2014

If you use + to store your photos, you’re in for a treat.

just rolled out a minor Gmail update today that lets you easily attach a + photo from within the composition window. Once you’re done writing your email, select the option to insert a photo it’ll default to your + albums, as well as anything you’ve privately backed up to your + account.

You can also share whole albums with family friends, fear not: even if the album is private, only those you’ve shared the albums with will be able to see them. You can also resize photos right from within the composition window.

The move is another passive ploy on ‘s end to get its users hooked on using + to store their photos. If you have + on your Android device or ione, you have the option for every photo you take to be backed up to your + account ( set private by default).

Note that this change only affects the Gmail web client, not the mobile app.