Sprint HTC One (M8) users first to get Extreme Power Saving mode

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Michael Homnick

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The second-generation HTC One's battery life is exceptional, but we were bummed to learn that the Extreme Power Saving mode that the company showed off as a marquee feature at the device's launch event wasn't actually equipped on the phones that began shipping out two weeks ago.

But according to Android Central, the rollout of the feature has officially has begun in the U.S., as Sprint has announced that it will be the first to push the update to HTC One (M8) devices on its network. If you're eager to download yourself, it's version 1.54.651.8. You wouldn't be able to tell that the Extreme Power Saving mode comes equipped with it, however, since the change log is so vague, referring to the update only as "network acquisition enhancements."

Extreme Power Saving mode kicks on when your battery life falls below 20 percent or lower. It helps conserve CPU usage, reduces the screen brightness, turns off haptic feedback and your data connection, and allows only essential applications to run. HTC says that you can get up to 15 hours of use on five percent of battery life with this mode on.

HTC has since been pushing out the update to non-U.S. versions of the device since launch. There's no word when other U.S. carriers will get the update, but we'll report back when we hear more.

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