ay Newsst ay Movies & TV apps get interface tweaks

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 3 Apr 2014

rolled out some app updates on dnesday, while Keep was the star of the show ay Newsst ay Movies & TV also saw some interface tweaks.

l the news that’s fit to display

First up is Newsst, which is updating to version 3.2.0 featuring category headings at the top of the screen in the Read Now section, as first spotted by Android Central.

So instead of scrolling down to the various sections such as highlights, business, entertainment, sports, these broad categories appear at the top of the screen right under the Read Now heading.

The slide-out navigation bar is also getting a minor tweak compressing the “My News” “My Magazines” sections into a new “My brary” category.

If you don’t see version 3.2 in ay just yet, it should be heading to your device soon.

ay Movies & TV

Getting some very minor tweaks, ay Movies & TV is moving to version 3.1.22 that moves the “Settings,” “Help,” “Send feedback” sections to the slideout navigation bar on the left. Help send feedback have also been combined into a singular option.

You can also switch between multiple accounts within the app the video player lets you fast forward rewind in 10-second increments with the swipe of a finger, Android Central says.

ke Newsst, the new version of ay Movies & TV is rolling out now may not be available for all users just yet.