ay Store update lets you require password entry for all in-app purchases

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 14 Mar 2014

A new ay Store update is going to make it both harder easier to make in-app purchases, depending on your personal preference.

Until now, ‘s typical policy was to require a password for in-app purchases on Android devices every 30 minutes—a hy policy that bridged the gap between letting purchases be wide open an overly restrictive password requirement for every single Mighty Eagle buy.

But that less restrictive policy recently led in trouble. On Monday, two law firms filed a class action suit against  on behalf of U.S. parents over its in-app purchase policy. The suit complains that minors can freely make purchases during the 30-minute window, unbeknownst to their parents.

Apple also recently faced a class action suit over in-app purchases.

It’s not clear if is making the policy changes to the ay Store in response to the lawsuit. had not responded to a request for comment at this writing.

ay Store version 4.6.16 is rolling out now offers three different password options for authorizing in-app purchases, as shown at the top of this page. You can choose to require a password for every in-app purchase, every 30 minutes (the current stard), or never ask for a password.

By default, the ay Store keeps the 30 minute default changing the setting requires you to re-enter your password.

The new ay Store app also adds a new entry in an app’s permissions window when you update or install a new app. The entry simply notifies users that the app they are about to install offers in-app purchases. 

Beyond focusing on in-app purchases, the new ay Store update moves the Settings Help menu options to the slide-out navigation drawer. th this new version you can also check to see if there’s a ay Store update by tapping the app’s build version in the settings.

[Via Android lice]