Google Play Services update casts open Chromecast app floodgates

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Chromecast users are about to get what they've been waiting for: new and innovative ways to use their fancy Google-supported TV dongles. Google recently announced that Google Play Services was updated to version 4.2 on Android devices worldwide.

With the 4.2 GPS update, your Android device is now (or soon will be) capable of running third-party Chromecast apps that are using the latest developer frameworks. Ultimately this means you can expect to see new third-party, Chromecast-enabled apps hitting Google Play in the coming weeks.

Up until now, available Chromecast apps were either those blessed by Google, or unofficial third-party releases that could break at a moment's notice.

After months of preview testing, Google finally released the official Chromecast software development kit earlier in February. The release meant developers could integrate official Cast functionality into their apps. But without the Play Services update to Android slates and tablets there were few devices that could take advantage of the new functionality.


Google Play Services is now at version 4.2.

That's all about to change with Play Services 4.2 rolling out. Google Play Services is a relatively invisible app on your mobile device that provides access to Google's backend services. Without it, many apps simply wouldn't work.

You can find which version you're running by going to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Services.

So keep an eye on your favorite apps in the coming weeks, especially any apps apps you feel would look great on your TV. They just might have a surprise for you soon. To see a complete list of apps that currently work with Chromecast check out Google's Chromecast page.

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