Got multiple Android devices? Then you’ll want the Android Device Manager app

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 11 Dec 2013

Our smartphones have become the gateways to our lives; they hold on to our photos the contact information of the people we care about, give us the ability to access anything almost instantly. The idea of losing your phone is kind of like losing a piece of yourself, really.

That’s why the Android Device Manager is one of the better additions to the Android platform, now it’s officially available as a separate application in the ay store.

originally rolled out the Android Device Manager over the summer, previously limited device management to the web. Now, there’s a separate application that allows you to get all of the functionality of the website on your phone. You can track other phones, lock them up, make them ring at high volume for five minutes so that you can find them hidden under the couch cushions, remotely wipe all the data. However, you don’t really need the Android Device Manager app on your phone unless you have other Android devices to keep track of, like a secondary phone or a tablet.

You can download the app for free from the ay Store.