Android, Bluetooth, your car will all play nicer with new Broadcom software

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 5 Dec 2013

iring your phone to a car via Bluetooth can be a flaky, frustrating experience. Assuming your phone is compatible, the connection could still be subpar, resulting in poor audio for calls streamed music.

Broadcom’s new Android Automotive Bluetooth software stack aims to solve that problem for zillions of Android users, though the cars that may implement it won’t be out for a few years. The company claims its software will cut through a chaos of different Bluetooth versions establish a more solid connection for voice streamed data.

The software also incorporates Bluetooth Smart Ready technology, for syncing with wearable devices. assume it would also work with the Nexus 7, which isn’t wearable, but is the first device with Bluetooth Smart Ready.

You can imagine where this could go—from connectivity to portability. If an Android mobile device can cozy up to your car with fewer problems, then apps that move easily from device to car might not be far behind. Sure is fun to think about, anyway.