Elecom Japan Design has some fun with phone accessories

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BARCELONA—After a long day of meetings, I went on a hunt for unusual products at Mobile World Congress and hit the jackpot when I came across the Elecom Japan Design booth. Elecom had a bunch of mobile accessories for the iPhone 5 and select Android phones that ranged from colorful headphones and Bluetooth speakers to mobile charging pads and protective cases, but each with their very own unique spin.

First, there was the Play Game Case for the iPhone 5, a hard shell case with more to offer than protection alone. The back of the case sports an old school analog kids game, where you guide metal balls through a maze or series of obstacles. After seeing a new wave of ultra rugged cases flood the phone case scene, it was refreshing to see something so silly and fun.

The Delicious Charge charging system and app

Then there was the Delicious Charge, a charging system for the iPhone 5 that, well, kind of has a life of it’s own. Formatted with a Lightning to USB cable, the Delicious Charge has a rubberized base with a flip top that opens up to reveal the Lightning pin. These bases come in three shapes: a fish, a bone, and a banana—kitschy on their own, but even more so when you install the Delicious Charge app. When you plug the cable into your iPhone, the app automatically launches with a fun full screen animation of a cuddly character that appears to be eating the charging base. The fish shape has a cat cartoon, the bone has a dog, and the banana—of course—has a monkey.

The Shippo line of smartphone cases also caught my eye. These cases have an adjustable kickstand on the back that’s in the shape of an animal tail, with a whole ark full of options to choose from. I spied a whale, a squirrel, a tiger, and many more.

Sadly, because Elecom is a Japanese company that mainly deals with overseas distribution, these products aren’t yet available for purchase in the US.

Listen, even if these iPhone accessories aren’t game changers, they’re a little weird, pretty cute… and I kind of want that fish-shaped charger.

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