Sprint Android phones will feature Quixey’s smart search for new apps

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 24 Feb 2013

BARCENA—It’s rare that I’ll download a new app for my ione without reading about it elsewhere first, mostly because I find the app search process a little limiting.

For example, I recently wanted to download a Spanish translation app, but hadn’t heard of anything specific I could be interested in. So, I just installed the Spanish translation app with the highest rating most comments found in the App Store.

But when I started using the app, I found that it is best designed for use in Mexico, not in Spain, where I actually need to use it.

Results from a Quixey search for apps on multiple platforms that discuss healthy cooking

That’s precisely why I was excited to see the latest demo of Quixey here at Mobile rld Congress. Quixey is a search engine just for finding apps, it uses a combination of natural language social resources to help searchers find apps that better suit their interests.

The company announced a new partnership with Sprint here showed off a demo of how the program works as a tool for Sprint customers with Android phones.

l Sprint phones running Android that support the Sprint Zone content portal will be able to search for apps using Quixey’s discovery technology. If you’re not a Sprint user, you can use Quixey’s website to search for apps for Android, BlackBerry, iOS, ndows one 8, ndows, Mac OS X.

Quixey’s search capability

at makes Quixey so unique is its ability to search for apps based on natural language user feedback.

So, a search for “Spanish translation for use in Barcelona” provides a different scale of results then simply “Spanish translator;” “Games for my three-year-old daughter” will provide a different result than “Games for my child;” “ke me up with a song” is different from “music alarm,” so forth.

Results from a Quixey search for apps on multiple platforms that discuss healthy cooking

Quixey searches for user comments on social media platforms about specific apps to help determine what app might be the best result. These comments are called Snippets, show up alongside your search with helpful information.

For example, a Snippet next to the Spanish Offsite Translator from nely anet showed that another user had no problem using it in Barcelona, but rd ns was “an epic fail.”

Quixey calls this “functional search,” as its algorithm isn’t limited to keywords provides better results as a person enters more words.

If you use the Quixey browser, results can be filtered by device operating system. If you use your Sprint Android phone, or another carrier that supports the A, results are filtered to those compatible with your device.