AOKP’s founder joins Cyanogen Inc.

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 24 Jan 2014


AOKP or Android Open Kang Project is known in the Android community for offering a plethora of features and their love for unicorns. It also comes in second in the custom ROM world, in terms of popularity and user base, after CyanogenMod.

The ROM was founded back in the Galaxy Nexus days by a college student – romanbb a.k.a Roman Birg who has since played a major role in making it so popular. Now, in a pretty surprising and exciting move, Roman has announced that he will be joining Cyanogen Inc. and will be working with the team on their ROM and their upcoming handset — the One Plus One.

Roman has confirmed that he will not stop contributing to AOKP after joining Cyanogen Inc. Considering the amount of customisation AOKP offers, it will be interesting to see if Roman can help in bringing some of them to CyanogenMod.

With such great minds working together, we are bound to see something exciting from Cyanogen Inc.’s stable sooner than later.