AOKP ROM crosses 3.5 million users; Releases Android 4.3 based nightlies

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 29 Sep 2013


The CyanogenMod team are not the only one going places. AOKP ROM, one of the most feature rich and customizable ROMs out there, today announced that they have crossed a major milestone of 3.5 million device users. 

The 3.5 million number does not include the 1.96 million kangs of AOKP, which would put the overall number at nearly 5 million. Considering how young AOKP ROM is compared to CyanogenMod, this number is downright impressive.

That’s not all, though, as the AOKP team has released its first set of Android 4.3 based nightlies for quite a bunch of its previously supported devices.

Since this is the first Android 4.3 based nightly from the AOKP team, there are bound to be certain issues. On the bright side, the team has made sure to include all the features and customization options that one has come to love and expect from AOKP.

If you come across any bug, don’t forget to drop in a bug report at and help Team Kang. You can download the latest AOKP nightly, based on Android 4.3, for your Android device from