Android 5.1 update for NVIDIA’s SHIELD Tablet and Portable coming soon

BY Evan Selleck

Published 22 Apr 2015


In July of 2014, NVIDIA unveiled the SHIELD Tablet, and in between then and now also debuted the SHIELD Portable, both of which have a major focus on gaming while running Android as the platform of choice.

NVIDIA, for its part, has done quite a good job in keeping up with Android updates for the two portable gaming devices. It was only in October that the company confirmed an impending update to Android 5.0 (for the Tablet), and now its confirmed that Android 5.1 is indeed on the way as well. The update for the SHIELD Tablet is geared towards improving the overall responsiveness and performance of the device, while also offering up extra security.

As for the SHIELD Portable, which is running Android 4.4 right now, NVIDIA is going to skip Android 5.0 and go straight to Android 5.1. NVIDIA hasn’t made the exact date for the update clear just yet, but says that the wait is almost over.

NVIDIA says it will deliver more information regarding the Android 5.1 update for both devices “in the coming weeks.”

Do you own a NVIDIA gaming unit?

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