How to access the hidden diagnostic menu on the Samsung Galaxy S5

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 30 May 2014

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Back in the early 2000s, most dumb phones came with a hidden diagnostic menu that allowed users to test the various hardware parts of a device. It was the perfect way to check a phone for any kind of defects before buying it, making sure that you did not get your hands on a lemon piece.

Samsung has included a similar menu on the Galaxy S5, which is hidden by default. Here’s how you can enable it to test the various parts of your Galaxy S5 for any defects. 

Simply head over to the Dialer app and key in *#0*#. As soon as you key in this code, the diagnostic menu should appear on your Galaxy S5 allowing you to test the various parts of the phone. This includes the camera, display, vibration motor, front-facing camera, the LED flash, the touch screen, Infrared Blaster and more.


The diagnostic menu is also the perfect way to check if your Galaxy S5 display has a dead pixel or not using by only illuminating the red, green and blue pixels.

So, the next time you think your Galaxy S5 has a faulty camera or any other hardware related issue, make sure to use the diagnostic menu to test it properly.