Samsung launches app to record your mobile gaming highlights

Game Recorder+ lets you create Twitch-style clips, as long as you're using a Samsung device.

samsung game recording

If you have a Samsung device there’s now an easy way to record and share your gaming exploits with the world.

The new Game Recorder+ app offers a simple solution and works with most flagship Samsung devices: Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Galaxy S5, Note 4, S4, Note 3, and Note 2.

With just a few steps I was able to record a gaming session with Zombie Defense (one of the best tower defense games on Android) and upload it to YouTube.

Game Recorder+ also keeps the microphone on in case you want to add commentary while you’re playing. If you don’t want your face featured as prominently, you can reduce the size of the selfie circle, or select a static profile image from your library. Hopefully, Samsung will update the app to allow you to disable the circle entirely.

When you launch a game the Game Recorder+ app will place a button at the bottom of the screen. Just touch record to start saving your gameplay. A “game boost” feature may also appear from time to time, which Samsung says gives device’s memory some extra breathing room so things don’t slow down. 

Perhaps the most interesting part of this app is that it appears in the Google Play Store, instead of Samsung's own app store (as most of its apps do). Is this the start of a positive move away from a fragmented company app store?

Why this matters: Game recording is a big business. That’s why Google is launching YouTube Gaming this summer after it tried to snatch up Twitch. Amazon bought the gaming clip service for $970 million. If the game sharing fever extends to mobile, look for Amazon and Google to turn their attention to all those Android gamers also.

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