Google to launch a new Street View app with 360-degree camera support

google photo spheres

Google is building a new app that will unify user-submitted photos under the Street View banner. 

The new Street View app, coming in mid-August, will pull in Photo Spheres, which are 360-degree panoramas, and images submitted through the Views program. The Street View app will combine all of these so you can see any of your past submissions or upload new images to Google Maps. It will replace the dedicated Photo Spheres app on iOS.

A Google+ post details that your panoramic photo submissions will still be available from Google Maps on the web. Views will get swallowed up by Google Maps as part of the change.

At launch, Google will support the NCTech iris360 and the Giroptic 360cam, which can capture 360 degree images. Such features are among the major draws places on Google Maps that you may otherwise never visit in person.

Why this matters: Google relies on photo submissions to bolster its mapping efforts. Sometimes contributions go badly, as the infamous urinating Android episode illustrates. However, cameras are a big focus at Google, as indicated by the Google Jump platform.

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