Leaked LG G Pad X appears headed for Verizon

lg g pad x verizon
Evan Blass

It’s a leaky Wednesday in Android Land, with a new LG tablet becoming the latest device to get outed. 

It follows a new Moto 360 and a Galaxy S6 Active as the latest leaks getting spotted by eagle-eyed observers.

The LG G Pad X comes to us courtesy of Evan Blass, who still spills the beans on products from time to from his Twitter handle @evleaks.

We don’t have any specs, but it looks to be a successor to the LG G Pad, which was a rather good, high-end tablet. It even had a Google Play Edition, though that won’t be the case this time as Google has retired the program. Fortunately, LG puts a rather minimal skin on its Android devices. 

Why this matters: The last LG G Pad was rather solid, and the company’s G4 smartphone shows that it’s continuing to improve its hardware game. So a new option from LG could turn out to be a decent choice if you want a new Android tablet with good build quality. 

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